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Introducing The Barcelona Subculture Escape

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May 5, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Elevated Escapes are happy to announce one of their latest escapes: The Barcelona Subculture Escape!

Barcelona Subculture Escape

The One And Only!

The Barcelona Subculture Escape is one of the latest additions to our company and we are very excited. We’re excited for two big reasons. Firstly, we know this is going to be HUGE.

We have packed it full of locations which someone just visiting Barcelona would be hard pushed to find out about. If you’re interested in this side of Barcelona, as so many people are, we can make your trip much easier and cheaper too!

The second reason we couldn’t wait to release this tour is: we’re the only company which offers them! So if this sounds like the kind of thing you might want to do, you haven’t just come to the right place, you’ve come to the ONLY place!

Your Subculture Trip Begins Here...

Our Subculture Escape includes access and discounts to lots of subculture-related activities. The locations we’ve included are private smoking clubs (18+), skateboarding (Barcelona has one of the biggest skateboarding scenes), graffiti hotspots (with artists such as Btoy, El Pez and Chanoir) and lots more points of interest.

It has DISCOUNTS and even FREE ENTRY to many of these places; including the world famous Barcelona hemp museum and even the private clubs!

When you book our Subculture Escape, you will be given a GUIDEBOOK (which includes a map to show you the locations) and a DIGITAL PASS. Present your pass (either print it out or show it on your phone) when you arrive at these locations and you will be given the associated offer. Could it be any easier?

Book Barcelona Subculture Escape

We LOVE The Barcelona Subculture

Elevated Escapes began because it saw the potential in this beautiful city and knew that so many products and services were either missing or being poorly sold. We knew we could make the necessary improvements to harness what’s already here.

As a team, our knowledge of Barcelona is extensive. We’ve also built a reputation which allows us to partner with numerous companies and supply that very simple demand: a great holiday. In short, we LOVE Barcelona. We know how much it has to offer and we know how to deliver it.

There are so many sides to this beautiful city. This is one cultural aspect which is rapidly growing but remains “sub” or “underground” which means difficult to access too. There’s no good reason for this, just lots of bad ones. With just one click, you can change that!

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