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Introducing The Barcelona LGBT Escape

Introducing The Barcelona Subculture Escape
May 11, 2017

Elevated Escapes Are Proudly Launching Their Latest Experience: The Barcelona LGBT Escape!

Barcelona LGBT Escape

Your LGBT Tour Guide

By grabbing our exclusive LGBT Tour Guide and VIP Access Card, you’ll not only be able to see all the best places to go (and there are a lot) but you’ll also have lots of exclusive offers and discounts for bars, clubs, saunas and even hotels.

How does it work? Well that’s the easiest part about it! You just have to present your map and you’ll be given your discount, free entry, queue jump etc.

We’ve sourced the very best of Barcelona’s LGBT scene, made partnerships with them and combined the two into an easy-to-use, downloadable guide. You can use our knowledge and our connections with a click of the button.

"A Local In Your Pocket"

We know the LGBT scene in Barcelona. We’ve been here for years and we realised we could offer a really great service. Although Barcelona has one of the best LGBT scenes in the world, all too often people come to Barcelona unprepared.

It’s sad to see people wasting their valuable holiday time and short of waiting at the airport to tell people what to do and where to go, we decided to put everything we would recommend into a handy guide.

We also realised we could go a step further and build partnerships with all these places and give even more than local knowledge. We therefore decided to make an LGBT Tour Guide & VIP Access Card with everything you’ll need to ensure you get the most out of your trip. Think of it like having a very connected local in your pocket!

Book Your Barcelona LGBT Escape

We LOVE Barcelona & So Will You!

Elevated Escapes began because it saw the potential in this beautiful city and knew that so many products and services were either missing or being poorly sold. We knew we could make the necessary improvements to harness what’s already here.

As a team, our knowledge of Barcelona is extensive. We’ve also built a reputation which allows us to partner with numerous companies and supply that very simple demand: a great holiday. In short, we LOVE Barcelona. We know how much it has to offer and we know how to deliver it.

Let us show you around. There’ll be no need to keep up with a tour guide. You can go at your own pace and choose to go to the places you want to go to, when you want to go to them. Book your very own Barcelona LGBT Escape Today With Elevated Escapes!

Book Your Barcelona LGBT Escape

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