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October 2, 2017
Speed Tour Barcelona
Speed Tour
October 2, 2017

Experience The #1 Rated Barcelona Nightlife Tour!

The Nightlife Tour In Barcelona Is CRAZY

Booking your Barcelona nightlife tour through Elevated Escapes means signing up for a great night out. Don’t just guess your way around this city and leave your night to chance. Guarantee having a good time with us!

Check out the coolest bars on offer in this crazy, party-fuelled paradise. There are so many types of bars to choose from: there’s something for everyone! Anyone can join us (as long as you’re 18 years old or older - sorry!). Whether you want to come solo or with a group of friends, you’ll have GREAT FUN!

Why Do You Need To Experience The #1 Barcelona Nightlife Tour?

The Best Location

Even when the sun sets on this beautiful city, it’s usually nice and warm at night. You’ll probably just need a t-shirt (maybe less!). That’s the perk of being a Mediterranean city!

The Best Bars

From the more traditional, flamenco-styled bars to funky jazz venues and, of course, if you’re an expat you might enjoy the home comforts of the English and Irish bars. We’ve been here a long time and can show you exactly where to go!

Great People

It can be daunting when you arrive in a city alone or with friends who don’t know the city. Coming on one of our nightlife tours is the best way to meet fun, new people. Also, you won’t need to worry about where you are or where to go next. We’ll do all of that for you!

An Incredible Team

Our nightlife guides won’t just leave you with a list of places to go and a map! They’ll be there with you, in person, helping you every step of the way to ensure you have a great night. They’ll introduce you to everyone and make you feel right at home. If you have any questions, from drink recommendations to song recommendations, just ask!

So What Are Nightlife Tours?

Imagine you’re a lonely lion in the desert. There are lots of animals and watering holes nearby but you don’t know where they are. Even if you do, you might not be able to do a lot when you get there: you can’t take down that bison on your own!

Think of our nightlife tours like a pack of lions who want to have the biggest and best pack ever. Together, we can have a great time and with all our experience (this pack has roamed Barcelona for a long time), we know exactly where to go. Join the best pack in Barcelona!

What Is Different About Nightlife Tours With Elevated Escapes?

When you book with us, we’ll give you everything your average nightlife tour offers and much more. We are highly competitive and as such, we work to find you the best possible nightlife tour out there. If a new and better tour were to pop up, offering you a better experience we would use them.

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority in our business model. If you’re not happy, we do badly. Our services rely on everyone winning! That means it’s in our interest for you to have an unforgettable night!

Book The #1 Rated Barcelona Nightlife Tour In Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Select Day/Time & Group Size

Browse our interactive calendar to see all the dates, times and group sizes available for you to book today.

Step 2: Make Your 100% Secure Booking

Finalize your booking through our SSL secured checkout with full payment protection and easy return policy.

Step 3: Now Enjoy Your Experience!

You’ll instantly get your QR Code tickets directly to your email. If you have any questions, our VIP concierge is ready for you.

Duration & Availability

From 11pm until around 5/6am.
Runs most days of the week.

Group Size Requirements

Minimum: 1 (lot's come solo!)
Maximum: Check calendar for availability

Activity Meeting Point

Place: Designated bar on your ticket
Time: 23:00h

What You Will Need

Just your lovely self. The only thing to not wear are sports clothes/trainers. You might not be admitted to some clubs, if you do. Barcelona is quite a ‘well-dressed’ city. Smart casual is the popular look if you want to fit in!

Experience The #1 Rated Barcelona Nightlife Tour!

Some Of Our Barcelona Nightlife Tour Reviews

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  • Value

Final Summary

The Barcelona Nightlife Tour is certainly something you must experience when you are on a Barcelona holiday!

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Why Book Your Barcelona Nightlife Tour With Us?

We Get You Member Only Deals

Your exclusive VIP card you get with your booking will get you member only discounts, including entry and deals to bars, restaurants and all the other experiences we feature like activities and shows. This will save you money on your Barcelona adventure, while cutting out the risk and personal hassle.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work directly with our Barcelona partners to get you the largest variety and most exclusive experiences. Once we find something, we make sure its meets our high standards, which is why we are so confident in what we offer. If any of your experiences don’t meet you high standards we will gladly make it right with another experience or refund.

Order With A Secure Checkout

All the information you provide us is processed with 256-bit encryption standards and transmitted without risk using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. We will never sell or rent your personal information for any marketing purposes.

Instant Delivery & VIP Access

As soon as you order you'll be emailed your Barcelona Nightlife Tour booking confirmation and personalized VIP Card. Save both to your phone, and then show your booking confirmation on the day and location of your booking, and scan your VIP card at any of the top locations in Barcelona to get your VIP deal.

VIP Travel Concierge Support

Our dedicated team of Barcelona specialists here to ensure you have the best holiday in Barcelona. If you have ANY questions, contact us so we can help you as soon as possible.

Experience The #1 Rated Barcelona Nightlife Tour!

Any Other Questions On The Barcelona Nightlife Tour? We Got Them Covered Here!

1When is the best time to book my Barcelona Nightlife Tour?
If you know you want to book one of our awesome experiences (and you know you’ll be free of course!) then the best thing to do is to book as soon as possible as we usually sell out in the days closest to the experiences. In the majority cases we offer free changes to bookings (within 48 hours of activity) and our VIP Travel Concierge Support will gladly help you make any changes or additions you would like to make if you contact us at anytime.
2What do I get when I order the Barcelona Nightlife Tour?
Once you order your instantly receive your Barcelona Nightlife Tour booking confirmation, as well as your Barcelona Escape Guide and VIP card for all of the top attractions and experiences in Barcelona. Along with the detailed write up about what is unique to each location and their address, we’ll also give you exclusive member-only deals you can grab with your VIP card that you can save directly on your phone.
3How do I use the Barcelona Escape Guide & VIP Card?
We’ll email you a digital card, which means you don’t need to carry a bit of paper (which you may lose) around with you and you even help the environment. Your card comes with your name and a QR code to prove its authenticity. Just turn up at which ever location you want to check out from the Barcelona Escape Guide and show them your card to get your exclusive member deal, our use your unique member discount code to save up to 50% of other experiences (just like this) in Barcelona. As easy as that!
4Why did you make the Barcelona Escape?
Our goal is to create a unique experience here in Barcelona where YOU get a choice in how it unfolds. Unlike the regular tourist activities most travel companies offer, our goal is to get you access to the best of the city, right at your finger tips, without controlling when or how you experience it. This way you waste less time searching for the best stuff to do, and get right to the action!
5How do you choose who to include in the guide?
We’re a Barcelona-based company so we know it like the back of our hand. We can see all the local options for ourselves, compare them all and then bring you the best. If a new competitor comes up, offering a better service and a better deal for our loyal readers, we’ll include them in the updated guides we release every month.
6What if I book the Barcelona Nightlife Tour and I’m not happy with it?
We’re not just in this for the short-term and have quickly build a solid reputation of providing Barcelona experiences unlike anyone else. Being a credible and reliable service means everything to us, and that means your 100% complete satisfaction comes first. If you’re not happy with the Barcelona Nightlife Tour, for any reason, contact us and we will happily make it right with another Barcelona experience or refund.
7Why should I trust Elevated Escapes with making my Barcelona trip awesome?
Elevated Escapes is a Barcelona-based tour operator, assisting with travel, activities, rentals and accommodation in Barcelona. We are competitive company which works tirelessly to deliver the best deals on the best activities (in the best city in the world!). We know our competition and we are competitive. Why? Being the best, brings you the most customers. It’s a win/win situation when we can offer you more than anyone else. We get customer satisfaction and so do you!

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