The Bollocks, Barcelona
The Bollocks
September 24, 2017
Barcelona Cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral
September 2, 2017

Free Walking Tour Review

You don’t need to pay for a great walking tour of Barcelona. We’ve partnered with the best walking tour guides of Barcelona and its free! If you have time, walking tours are the best way to see a city. It can be hard to know how it will turn out, with so many to choose from. We know how professional but also fun these tour guides are. By night, they often double-up as pub quiz question masters in Travel Bar (their base).

The tour guides really know their stuff and, more importantly, they can really bring it to life. You don’t really need to take our word for it (but please do!). The content and structure of the tours themselves is really well thought out. They focus on the oldest, most historic part, and therefore the part with the most history. The area (the Gothic quarter) happens to also be one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

This free walking tour is split into three parts: ancient, medieval and modern. It gives a complete overview of life in the heart of Barcelona. From the time it was Roman colony, under the rule of the Emperor Augustus, through kings, queens and even dragon slayers, to the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath which is ever-present in the city today.

The tour will give you the juicy stories this place has within its streets and walls. You’ll learn about the extreme influences of religion and war and the humble lives of the everyday resident. Anyone will tell you that reading about a place isn’t the same as going there. Don’t rely on your imagination to bring the narrative of Barcelona to life. Let the buildings, plazas, churches, ruins and roads set the scene, while an expert tour guide fills in the gaps.

These walking tours last between 2 and 2.5 hours (depending on how many questions are asked!) and they are run (walked!) three times a day. If you’re an owl or a lark then don’t worry, there’ll be a time that suits you! You can choose from either 11am, 1pm or 3pm. Conveniently, the meeting and end point (Travel Bar) is in the area you’ll be looking round. It’s very central and easily accessible by either metro (closest is Liceu), bus (to Plaça de Catalunya) or by taxi.

We should make clear that this free walking tour isn’t just available for tourists. As with anywhere you live, it’s easy to take the history for granted and so everyone is encouraged to join! Like a person, you can appreciate a place so much more when you understand it: where it’s from, what it’s been through and what it’s seen. This place has a such an incredible story to tell: you just have to hear it! You’ll also be able to join your tour guide for a drink and a chat if you have any more questions – or if you just want a drink!

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Final Summary

The best Free Walking Tour in Barcelona. Your whole perception of Barcelona will change after going on this tour. It’s not only interesting, it’s fun too. And it’s free!

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