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The 7 Tasty Reasons To Try Our Barcelona Paella Experience

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May 11, 2017
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7 Facts On Our Barcelona Paella Experience & Why You NEED To Try It!

Barcelona Paella Experience

1. The Most Delicious Paella In Barcelona

On this cooking course, you’ll be cooking some of the most famous (and tastiest!) food from Barcelona.

With such a rich gastronomic culture, there’s so much to choose from but years of experience has allowed us to whittle down the best dishes to cook in this ‘taster’ of Barcelona cuisine.

Don’t worry! You won’t just be cooking the food, you’ll be eating it too. All dietary requirements can be ‘catered’ to as well!

2. Learn From The Best

Our chef is locally sourced (yes, that means he’s from here!) and is not just an incredible chef, he’s a great teacher too. Any and all levels are welcome. He absolutely loves what he does and his passion always rubs off on the people he teaches. Watch out, if you don’t already, you might end up loving cooking!

3. Great Location

So many cooking course are on the outskirts of town (and they made not have made that obvious before booking). Our cooking school is conveniently located in the dead centre of Barcelona. From the cooking school, everything you need is a stone’s throw away. All the food that is used on the course, for example, is bought from a market on the Rambla (that famous street right in the middle of the city!).

4. Free Tour

Not only will you experience a great cooking class, you’ll also be taken to a nearby market with the chef to buy all the ingredients you will need. He will give you a short talk, after which you’ll be able to follow him round the market and watch him select and buy the food. He’s very friendly so worry about asking any questions you may have. Knowing what to buy and where to buy it is hugely important. Cooking good food starts at having good food to cook!

5. Free Drinks

Your evening won’t just be about food. To truly ‘fill up’ your gastronomic experience, you need to enjoy some local drink as well. You’ll therefore be offered plenty of sangria to drink through the course of the evening. It gets better though. You won’t only enjoy complimentary drinks during the course itself, you’ll be given drink deals in the nearby bar for the rest of the night! Isn’t it worth it just for that?

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6. More Than Just Cooking

You won’t just be cooking, sourcing the food and learning (or drinking!) so much more goes into these cooking courses. The number two priority (second to your safety) is that you have fun. Don’t think of this course like going back to school (unless your school was a lot of fun!) because truly this has been set up for your pleasure.

For this reason, you’ll find our courses are always very social. It’s easy to make new friendships here, even if you are only planning to stay here for a short time. There are no tests at the end but you might be asked if you had a good time though. After years of experience, our chef is pretty confident he knows what your answer to that will be!

7. Fun For The Whole Family

It can be hard, not just for families but friend groups too to find an activity which is right for everyone. This is truly something that can be enjoyed by everyone. You can participate in as little or as much as you like: you won’t be made to drink!

Just pick the parts which appeal and enjoy! It’s your holiday, after all. With so much pleasure to be had, there really is something for everyone. Fun, food, drink and the chance to meet some great people: who doesn’t want a slice of that pie?

We could go on but why spoil all the surprises? Book a Barcelona Paella Tour With Elevated Escapes and see for yourself!

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