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The 7 Extreme Reasons To Try Our Barcelona Paintball Experience

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7 Reasons To Choose A Barcelona Paintballing Experience With Elevated Escapes

Barcelona Paintball Experience

1. The Fun

The number one reason why anybody looks to do an activity (especially something like paintballing) is the fun. If that’s true for you too then this paintballing will knock the socks off all your previous experiences (or at least put a little paint on those socks!).

So much goes into creating the perfect paintballing experience. It’s not just that the games itself are intense and feel incredibly real, while being continuously monitored for your safety (which, truthfully, is our number one priority).

We also have everything that surrounds the activity under control so you can have a clear mind while you take your clear shot!

2. Location, Location, Location

Most paintballing venues don’t give location too much thought. They just find a field, hand out some guns and blow a whistle. Not with us. We know that having the right location can add so much to your overall experience.

That’s why we decided (and were lucky enough) to choose the foothills of the Catalan mountains. A beautiful and remote location which will make your experience feel more real, as well as add a stunning backdrop.

These foothills alone are worthy of a day trip so you’ll be killing two birds with one well-aimed paintball!

3. The Equipment

The equipment that’s used is top of the range. Have you ever been paintballing and found your gun just kept jamming. You might have even got hit as a result of your gun not going off.

Of course, this can happen but it can also be a sign the guns being used are old and being poorly maintained. We work to ensure all of your equipment is in perfect order. It is only your guns which are important, having good protective gear is essential.

Cheap protective gear might limit your movement and visibility, le alone your safety! This is why we ensure ALL your equipment is tested and checked to meet our very high standards.

4. The Professionals

The team will take care of you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. They will help you in anyway they can to ensure you have a great time and get the most out of your Barcelona Paintball Experience.

They’ll give you a full briefing before you begin to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing when the games begin. They won’t just leave you to regulate yourselves, however. They will be overseeing your every move. This isn’t just because they love paintballing, it’s because they want to ensure your safety.

These guys are good and they know exactly what they’re doing. If they see you in breach of any of the rules they will know. You don’t want to get too far on the wrong side of these guys: they carry guns too!

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5. Everyone Is Welcome

It doesn’t matter what your ability, you will be welcome to play. Most people who play have either never played before or have very little experience.

Finding an activity which everyone can participate in can be difficult but this is open to everyone and who doesn’t like shooting their friends!

For those who would prefer to keep out of the action, you can always watch and what’s more, with such a beautiful location, there’s plenty to see!

6. Your Safety

Of course you’re looking for fun. Who thinks of safety first? Luckily we think of it for you.

Every step of the way you’ll be overseen by professionals. These guys have been in the business along time and they know exactly how to best keep you safe.

From guns and gear to the way you use them against each other, you’ll be monitored to maximize safety, while not unnecessarily infringing on what you want: fun.

7. No Worries

We take care of every little detail of your day so you can really relax and enjoy yourself (perhaps a little more enjoyment than relaxation, truth be told). All of the organisation is taken care of so you don’t have to.

We’ve done this a thousand times before and everything has been thought of which could possibly add to your enjoyment of the day. You are even taken there and back. All you really have to do is wake up!

We could go on but why spoil all the surprises? Book a Barcelona Paintballing Experience With Elevated Escapes and see for yourself!

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