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The 7 Bouncy Reasons To Try Our Barcelona Bubble Football Experience

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The 7 Bouncy Reasons To Try Our Barcelona Bubble Football Experience

Barcelona Bubble Football Experience

1. Unique

There’s nothing quite like bubble football (also known as zorbing). It’s not a sport with a long prestigious history but it has to be one of the fastest growing. Since its inception, the world has fallen in love with this sport. Why? Well because it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Of course the word “football” is in the name but this is such a surreal take on the sport, you’d be mistaken for thinking this wasn’t even a sport; just a game: a very fun game!

2. Lots Of Fun

It’s easy to call a game fun. Maybe at school you were told to try a “fun” sport and you absolutely hated it. Well, this sport doesn’t involve throwing a heavy shot-put or running laps of a running track.

This game does require skill but it requires many more laughs. While you’re bouncing around in a giant bubble trying to kick a ball, it’s easy to lose your competitive streak altogether. If you are the competitive type though then you’ll certainly be in with a challenge to truly be proud of undertaking.

Try and pull off those silky skills from inside a giant bubble!

3. It’s For Everyone

Think of bubble football as football for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is (or even how much you enjoy conventional football). This game is for everyone. If you’re planning to come in a big group, therefore, this is one of the easiest choices to make.

It can be hard trying to accommodate everyone’s tastes but there aren’t many who would be bored by a game like this. Even if you don’t want to play (maybe you’d rather relax with a sangria – or your bouncing days are behind you), watching this game can be an exhilarating experience in itself.

4. The Best Settings

You might have thought you’d be playing this on a football pitch. You can and lots of places do but we’ve brought this game up a notch by using a resource Barcelona has in great supply: beaches.

Where better to play than on the warm sands of Barcelona with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop. If you feel to hot and sweaty after a game, just take a dip in the sea. Also if you want to watch or have friends who’ll want t o watch, it might be an easier sell (with lots of bars, shops and of course sunbathing to be enjoyed) than a football pitch 5 miles out of town!

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5. A Great Team

We have the best team to make this experience a reality for you. Not only are they all highly trained professionals, they know exactly how to give you what you came for: a fun experience.

This is why our referee is not an aging former premiership footballer referee (which would still be cool) but a beautiful, local Catalan lady to give all the lads someone to show off their skills too.

She’s a lot of fun but she’s fiery too and knows how to lay down and enforce the rules. Watch out!

6. Your Safety

All of this and somehow it’s still safe. Well the answer is actually quite straightforward; you are literally head to knees protected by a giant bubble. If only life was the same!

Your safety is always our number one priority (even before fun, I’m afraid!) but this game has intrinsic protection built into it. No physical activity comes without risk but this has got to come close!

7. The Best In Barcelona

As with all the tours we sell, we ensure you’ll be getting the absolute best of the best. Living here, we know what’s good and as tour operators here, we make it our job to know what’s the best.

We know you’ll love our bubble football. It’s one of the best games with one of the best providers, in one of the best cities in the world. Come and have a game!

We could go on but why spoil all the surprises? Book a Barcelona Bubble Football Experience With Elevated Escapes and see for yourself!

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